After the (culinary) pampering program, solitude awaited us. We experienced a revival of 2018 and decided to visit the Erongo Plateau Camp on the Eileen farm. This was where we met Geli and Uwe with their bright red car (Citroën 2CV) and the place where we first experienced the vastness of Namibia in a visually

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From Greece to Bulgaria

The crossing with the Festos Palace of the Minoan Lines to Piraeus was just as quiet and relaxed as the outward journey. The VIP seats we had booked – these are generous leather seats that can be folded down about 2/3 – served their purpose and allowed us a few hours of deep sleep. Arriving

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The first weeks in Europe

On March 3rd, the Swiss flight from Johannesburg landed in Zurich early in the morning and brought us back home safely. After 10 months of travel, we were back on European soil. Time had rushed – no other terms describe the feeling. The first action was to put our Land Cruiser Manni back into operation.

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