KTP- lions everywhere?

The KTP is our last destination in Botswana Our last destination in Botswana led us to the Kalahari again. More precisely to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (short KTP). This park is an amalgamation of two parks from Botswana and South Africa with another access from Namibia.The South African part is subject to very strict behavioral

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Nxai Pan

Potholes with a little coating on the way to Nxai Pan Due to the visit of Toyota in Maun, we were late coming back on the road to Nxai Pan. Of course, we still took the opportunity and stocked up our supplies unplanned. The A3 is a cheek! On a distance of 35 km there

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Makgadikgadi Pan

River crossing to Makgadikgadi Pan The transfer to Khumaga – to the entrance of Makgadikgadi Pan – proved to be smooth. In Rakops, a small town near the Central Kalahari, we were lucky enough to get diesel. That saved us about 120 km of detour. A few hours later we stood on the banks of

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