After the (culinary) pampering program, solitude awaited us. We experienced a revival of 2018 and decided to visit the Erongo Plateau Camp on the Eileen farm. This was where we met Geli and Uwe with their bright red car (Citroën 2CV) and the place where we first experienced the vastness of Namibia in a visually

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On into the Caprivi

We drove from Spitzkoppe on the direct way to Swakopmund. There it turned out that Hansen’s geyser was the problem. He had a leak somewhere and was removed. We had tried it once during our travel time so far, but otherwise had not used it. The loss was bearable for us and we got new

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To Spitzkoppe

After we had parted ways, we made our way to Khorixas. There we wanted to do some shopping before the weekend. In Khowarib we noticed a problem in the water system. There was a leak at some as yet unknown location and water was leaking slowly but regularly. After closer inspection, we determined the region

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