Back in Africa –Culinary delights in 3,2,1, …

On August 30, Sonja’s parents drove us to Zurich Airport with four packed travel bags. We boarded the Qatar Airbus bound for Doha and opened a new chapter in our journey.

Qatar’s planes are new (and of high quality), the service is excellent and traveling with this airline is fun. We toasted our new adventure and the Qatar pillows promised nothing but good things!

The onward flight from Doha went without incident, with the usual good service, and we arrived at Windhoek airport on the morning of August 31. We took delivery of our Donkey – its condition was as good as ever – and took a few days to settle in and get organized.

Pampering program part I

We also agreed that we wanted to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in Namibia in style. The stress shortly before departure was not appropriate and so we treated ourselves to an extended dinner in the Heinitzburg in Windhoek. From here we overlooked the whole city and we were spoiled from A to Z and enjoyed the evening very much.

Pampering program part II

Relaxed, we drove to Swakopmund on the coast shortly afterwards. We could hardly believe it, but given the temperatures, we were glad that there was good, tasty and, above all, hot mulled wine on offer. In Swakopmund, word had not yet got around that winter was over. The weather was very cold and the wet, damp cold crept into every crack. A visit (or rather several visits) to our favorite restaurant, Blue Grass, was a must. Although Guido had a strong aversion to oysters – he once threw up shortly after trying them at George V in Paris – he gave the shellfish another chance and was pleasantly surprised. Namibian oysters are firm and have a meaty consistency rather than the slippery mass that is common in Europe. Yes, the Namibian oysters deserve a 10 out of 10. Congratulations, a trauma was ticked off. Incidentally, the picture shows the tasting plate: one natural oyster, one gratinated with cheese and one breaded. The natural won!

(Soul) pampering program part III

How could it be otherwise? We had to pay Boesmann a visit at his Sossus on Foot camp and treat our souls. This wonderful expanse in the desert never fails to amaze us. Although the mornings were still fresh in terms of temperature, we enjoyed enjoying our tea and coffee in the dark of the morning and watching the awakening morning. There is simply nothing better. Strengthened and at peace with ourselves, we were able to set off and look forward to new adventures.

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