Drotsky’s Cabins – a trip to Botswana

Bird watching at its best

Drotsky’s Cabins was on our wish list very early. This lodge is visited for two reasons: birding and fishing. Right now it is not fishing season, and we are not fishermen.

From RiverDance Lodge, thanks to Chris, we checked to see if they had any available campsites. When it was clear that we could go there, we set off for a flying visit to Botswana after leaving Ngepi Camp.

Botswana, we are on the way

Surprisingly, the border crossing was easy and uncomplicated on both sides. On both sides of the border we met good-humored, smiling and helpful officials. After about 20 minutes we entered Botswana. A police roadblock made a short briefing for every passing motorist. There were info sheets, a notice that driving with flip-flops is prohibited, and a giveaway of 4 condoms for everyone who participated.

Botswana’s men don’t take it too seriously and when Guido explained that he didn’t need them, the policewoman smiled and the officer who was doing the instruction replied: “That’s good man. We tell them all to stick to one woman.”

Unfortunately, the HIV rate in Botswana is also alarmingly high. In the child-relevant age group (19 – 45) it is over 20%. In this respect, we can only hope that the campaign will be successful! When we arrived at Drotsky’s, we got to know the ‘vervet monkeys’ living in the trees.

Thieves everywhere

We thought our food was safe on the table we were sitting at – far from it. We lost our collection of nuts and almonds and a large package of grapes to this gang of terrorists. Furthermore, we dedicate a separate post to them because they are also charming.

Boat trips were set from our side on both days and fortunately both trips happened because the 24 South Africans in camp preferred to just sit together in camp.

Botswana is Botswana, is Botswana….

It is just different. The waterways are different – as are the sightings. Although we had no luck with the owls and especially the “Pels Fishing Owl”, these sightings were absolutely great. Have a look…

To be continued!

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