Boat cruise at Drotsky’s Cabins

Boat cruise at ‘Drotsky’s Cabins’

Drotsky’s Cabins has one boat in its inventory. It is with this boat that the trips are offered. First comes, first serve. Whether you have a chance depends largely on how many campsites are occupied. The boat cruises are the activity in the region! We had to wait until the last moment and didn’t know if we would be able to take a second trip.

A large group of South Africans, with 5 cars on a large campsite, had registered their interest well before we did. In the morning we walked to the jetty to see if we could come along or not. They informed us that the South Africans had cancelled and all but three spots were available. We then took our second boat trip together with three South African ladies.

Bird life is impressive

This trip was topped by great and especially various bird sightings during the boat cruise. In addition, we saw a bull elephant feeding directly at the river bank. Even on a boat cruise we saw them – we were thrilled. We can recommend Drotsky’s Cabins without any recommendations!

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