Camp Kwando – Eagles? Eagles!

Back in Namibia in Camp Kwando

After returning from Botswana – the border crossing was just as quick and easy as toward Botswana – we drove a total of almost 300 km to Camp Kwando on the Kwando River. We had booked ourselves into the lodge for two nights. We spend ourselves some luxury for Christmas and booked a Luxury Chalet. It’s built elevated on stilts, is wonderfully spacious, has a huge bathroom with a bathtub, and we could live it up very, very well!

Hippos everywhere

The day we arrived we booked another boat trip. Our guide, Alpha – “like the alpha-male, you know” – was a funny young man with whom we laughed a lot. We saw three different Fish Eagles on the tour and also many Hippos.

We drove to the Mudumu National Park. A separate post will follow. After cruising in this area, we had to turn back due to lack of water depth. So far, the rain stayed away in this area. We like the camp, and the people in Camp Kwando – we enjoyed our stay!

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