The Palmwag Concession and the entry to Kaokoveld

We arrive at Palmwag

Still intoxicated by the wonderful hours of the last day, we arrived in Palmwag. Palmwag Lodge is strategically located for those who want to go further into Kaokoveld. Palmwag is also the last stop where gasoline and diesel are safely available.

Since we were not rushing, we planned to stay overnight, provided the campground would be manageable full. We noticed that only three other vehicles were there and booked a campsite. 540 NAD for one night was expensive. In our estimation, what was offered could only partially stand up to the price. Positive is the pool area – they created a place where you can relax well.

Very negative was the lack of interest and unfriendly attitude of the staff.
In the evening, the house elephant still showed itself on the green areas behind the lodge/campsites, and then we also went to bed early to compensate a little for the lack of sleep of the previous days.

The picture shows the portrait of the 'house elephant' of Palmwag Lodge.

We buy a permit for the concession

The next morning we acquired a permit for the concession and were curious to see what would await us. We were the only visitors in the gigantic large area.

At the beginning we saw 2 giraffes and then for about 2 hours nothing. The area was empty. The roads were a good preparation for what would await us in Kaokoveld – the average speed was about 10 km/h and below.
Although we almost wanted to look for the exit, we still followed the signs to Aub Canyon and there we had to grin again – two groups of elephants exposed water and took a shower. The whole thing happened less than 50 m in front of us, and we took this opportunity to switch off the engine and enjoy the gray giants one more time.

On the way to Kaokoveld

Reconciled, we drove towards the exit, eventually found it and set off for our next destination, Khowarib Lodge. We arrived there in the early afternoon and were assigned a campsite just above the riverbed. We decided to stay for two days and use the time to relax, wash and relax once again. Sonja studied the manual of her Lumix camera and Guido wrote blog posts, edited pictures and slept in a shady spot in the wind.

The picture shows our Land Cruiser 76 on a gravel road in Palmwag
The picture shows a giraffe
The picture shows the landscape of the Palmwag concession
The picture shows a gravel road that gets lost in the horizon.
The picture shows two small trees with leaves in Palmwag, growing in an inhospitable, rocky environment.
The image shows a landscape shot in Palmwag with a tree and a hill range in the background.
The picture shows an elephant in a swampy environment in Palmwag.
The picture shows a gravel road that seems to lead directly to the sky.
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