Boat Safari on the Kwando River

Back in Namibia on the Kwando River

Suddenly, before we knew it, we had already left Zimbabwe and were in transit through Botswana to Namibia. We reached the Kwando river and it was clear that our journey is coming to an end. On the one hand, we are looking forward to coming home, but on the other hand we still have no idea how to live without elephant encounters in the future. Well, we still have time left and push these thoughts away from us. At the end of our trip we treated ourselves to another highlight.

We booked a three-day boat safari with Dan from Mavunje Camp on the Kwando river. Beforehand, we visited Anke from Camp Kwando and rested there for two nights before the last trip into nature should start. Camp Kwando was pleasant as always. We enjoyed our time there very much and can recommend this lodge and the campsites without reservation. Our reunion with Anke was warm, and we enjoyed it very much.

The river is magical

We booked our boat safari over Sonja’s birthday. It was a highlight. Dan loves what he does and his way of dealing with nature and wildlife is impressive. He respects even the smallest creature and cares about the nature surrounding him. We went far up the river to regions where no one goes. We were surrounded by national parks on both sides of the river banks. In the evening we stopped at small islands and unloaded his staff and the camp equipment. Afterwards we went for a Sundowner to wonderful places. When we returned, the tents were up, the fire was burning and Clement, his staff member, had cooked.

Mystic morning fog on the kwando

The morning atmosphere with the mist on the kwando river and the soft light of the first rays of sun was fabulous and somehow mystical. We enjoyed every minute of this tour, and we can recommend Dan without reservation.
Of course, we had those magical elephant encounters again in the evenings on the kwando. We lingered with the boat on small sandbanks, and the elephants came to the shore to have a drink. They moved a few meters away from us. These creatures are simply indescribable to us.

We will miss them very much. After returning to Camp Mavunje in the morning of our departure day, we suddenly realized that this was our last elephant encounter on this trip. We now had to prepare for our return to civilization. Our journey took us via the Central Garage in Omaruru, where we had a major service done on the Land Cruiser, to Swakopmund. We are now there cleaned the car and prepare ourselves to return to Switzerland. Swakopmund with its terrible weather – it is foggy and cold – makes it easy for us to get away from Africa.

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