Chobe River Front – continued

Buffalo and a climbing elephant at the river front

The next morning an enchanting atmosphere awaited us, and we enjoyed the sunrise longer than usual with coffee and tea. On the game drive along the river front, buffalo surprised us in the Bushveld and as a highlight, we saw an elephant trying to climb up a sandy ledge to take a shortcut to the rest of his herd. He failed in the end because the ledge was too high. An extraordinary sighting that we had a lot of fun with!

In addition, by chance we spotted a leopard lazily resting under a tree on its side. We were patient and waited for about 45 minutes until he stood up and showed himself in all his glory – what a beautiful and proud animal!

The abundance continues

Again, due to the overcast sky, we encountered a hippo grazing on land. We can’t get enough of elephants, and therefore they can’t be missed on this day. We can watch them for hours without getting bored. Furthermore, we met the buffaloes from the morning later directly at the water again and the impalas offered a wonderful, peaceful picture in the flower meadow.

After these two eventful days, we now have two days to prepare ourselves for our trails guide course from EcoTraining. Our car got a hand wash in Kasane and our clothes a wash in camp. We are relaxing, reading, writing this article and looking forward to our time in Mashatu Game Reserve.

How will it be to encounter lions, elephants and co. on foot in the bush?
We probably won’t be able to update the blog again for another five weeks or so. Afterwards, we will have lots of answers! And hopefully, we’ll have some great stories to tell you.

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