The Milky Way at Camp Aussicht

The Milky Way in full glory!

We were especially looking forward to the African sky and the Milky Way at night. The number of stars is breathtaking. Moreover, they usually appear close enough to touch and that is beautiful! From our understanding, Kaokoveld is one of the regions that is particularly suitable for astrophotography. The light pollution is non-existent. Therefore camp view is a wonderful place to observe the Milky Way

The viewing platform

At Camp Aussicht there is a viewing platform on a hill, and it was quickly obvious that this was the perfect place for the photo. We set the alarm for 04:15 a.m., made two coffees and set off to climb the hill and use the platform. It was a wonderful experience despite the cold (about 1600 m above sea level and about 4 °C)! Up there you are very close to the stars and you see the Milky Way in all its glory! After this experience we were awake and gave up going to sleep again. We lit a campfire and cooked coffee and tea at Camp Aussicht. A pleasant feeling of happiness rose in us that lasted for a very long time.

The picture shows the Milky Way, photographed at Camp Aussicht
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