The Artist

There is one more story to tell….

Guido was sitting at the Craft Café Windhoek for several times when his friends told him about an artist who makes wonderful metalwork and whom Guido really needed to meet.

Visiting the artist

The two visited him and indeed Guido was very enthusiastic about his work. Predominantly he makes African animals from metal. They talked for a while and when Dea and Guido were about to leave, the artist looked at Guido, said, “please wait a minute”, left briefly and handed Guido a keychain as a gift with the words “This is a special animal for you” grinning.

An elephant to go

Animals and personal feelings or preferences were not discussed at any time. This is what the keychain looked like, isn’t that crazy? Today, a long time after our return, Guido’s house key hangs on this elephant. He keeps the memory and the longing for Africa alive every day.

The picture shows a keychain, which is made of metal and represents an elephant. It was made by an artist from Windhoek.
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