The Reisenomaden (travel nomads) travel again

Well, it’s not quite that far yet. However, we are very happy to make an announcement: almost 3 years after returning from Africa, we will have sand under the tires again. A return to the dusty tracks of Africa and lonely nights in the bush are in sight. We can’t wait to see and feel elephants up close again and immerse ourselves once more in the magic of our favorite continent.

A look back at an educational time

We were heavily challenged upon our return in 2019. We used the second half of 2019 to integrate back into society. It sounds crazy but 7 months is quite enough to do your own thing. After that, many things become more difficult. No sooner had we managed that than Covid came along with all its facets and repercussions in politics and society.

It may sound crazy, but the sudden restrictions acted as an accelerator. Being crystal clear that life situations can change with the snap of a finger helped us see clearly on the inside. For us, the moment always plays a weighty role.

The decision was not difficult

The child has left home. Our parents are healthy. We are in the prime of our lives and are also healthy. We have a desire to live and have a deep sense of basic trust. Ok, let’s go: let’s reduce 51 years of life to 4 travel bags. Well, it’s not quite that extreme – but almost!
At the moment we are in the process of sorting through the ballast that accumulates over decades. This is exhausting and works best if you proceed like in a marathon. One step after the other at a reduced pace. Interesting, because this also applies to the journey.

Mental flexibility pays off

Covid has crossed many plans. For example, we cannot start from Switzerland with Manni and enter the African continent in Morocco. Morocco does not let anyone in by land. We thought a lot back and forth and let ideas develop. The idea that Manni would stay in Switzerland and we would travel with another vehicle prevailed. We reverted to the tried and true concept and travel with a new traveling donkey (see Bilbo’s description). The donkey is just a real donkey – slow but reliable and enduring. The picture that adorns this post you will find as a big sticker on our doors.


We can hardly wait. We can’ t determine the exact day but at the latest in the middle of May 2022 we will be on the road again. Guido will create videos as well as photography. This time we will give more space to the people. We are very excited to dive in and get to know the culture, thoughts and rituals better. See you soon and have a good time.

the picture shows our logo of Reisenomaden
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