Lüderitz District

Lüderitz District

The Fish River Canyon was the most southern point of our trip. We now drove northwest towards Aus or Klein-Aus Vista. We wanted to stay there for four nights to slow down a bit and to relax in between. In addition, this place is perfect for day trips to Lüderitz and Kolmanskop. Luckily, you can see the wild horses of Garub on the way, which have adapted to life in the desert.

We stayed three nights at the Klein-Aus Vista campsite and one night at “Eagles Nest”. This is a collection of small cottages built into the rock.

Sightseeing at Kolmanskop

We combined the diamond town of Lüderitz with a visit to the ghost town of Kolmanskop. There is an option to get a photo permit. This allows you to stay in Kolmanskop outside of normal visiting hours and explore the ghost town in the best light. We did without, as Sonja had slightly upset her stomach the night before and suffered from stomach pains.

The tour was exciting. It was very impressive to hear about the possibilities that were already available at the end of the 19th century and how luxury this city in the middle of the desert was equipped. Besides an ice factory there was an own slaughterhouse with cold storage. Furthermore, there were countless cultural facilities, a casino, a bowling alley, a concert hall with unbelievable acoustics, sports equipment, etc.

In the best year, the yield in the diamond mine was 5 million carats. An incredible number. Today, the diamond mine around still yields about 20,000 carats /per year.

The wild horses of Garub

We were not really interested in Lüderitz. We therefore took the opportunity to refill our supplies and then made our way back to Aus. Around the wild horses we had the luck to see a small group of four animals directly along the road. We made a detour to the view point at Garub (built at a watering hole for horse watching) and saw a single horse there as well.

These horses can go up to six days without water – in comparison “normal” horses die if they don’t get water for more than 3 days. Evolution is fascinating. Watching the animals had something slowing down, and we enjoyed the fact that we were lucky to meet these special animals three times in total.

Two of the four days in Klein-Aus Vista we were reading, sitting in the nature and watching the cheeky weaver birds. For the first time I could use the 700 mm telephoto focal length at my disposal 🙂
I like the results – I’m looking forward to using them in the wildlife of Botswana.

The picture shows the ruined railroad station of Garub in Namibia
The picture shows a desert landscape with a blue sky
The picture shows an old train in Kolmanskop
The picture shows old documents in Kolmanskop as a closeup
The picture shows the lettering 'Eisfabrik' in Kolmanskop
The picture shows a sign 'delivery warehouse' of the company Linde in Kolmanskop in the old ice factory.
The picture shows the lettering 'slaughterhouse' in Kolmanskop
The picture shows rusted hooks, in the old slaughterhouse, in Kolmanskop
The picture shows the view out of a crumbling house in Kolmanskop.
The picture shows one of the crumbling houses in Kolmanskop.
The picture shows parts of Kolmanskop around the desert as a wide-angle shot.
The picture shows original horses and uneven bars in the gymnasium of Kolmanskop.
The picture shows an endless tarred road to the horizon.
The picture shows the rough environment of Namibia's south between Lüderitz and Aus.
The picture shows our Land Cruiser 76 on a campsite under a tree.
The picture shows a cottage of 'Eagle's nest' in Klein Aus Vista
The picture shows the Eagle's Nest cottage from inside.
The picture shows the sleeping area in our house at 'Eagle's Nest' in Klein Aus Vista.
The picture shows two trotting wild horses in Garub.
The picture shows part of the herd of wild horses of Garub grazing.
The picture shows a side portrait of one of the wild horses of Garub.
The picture shows a ostrich resting
The picture shows a weaver bird sitting on a brunch
The picture shows a wild stallion in garub just coming up a hill.
The image shows a full body side portrait of a wild stallion in Garub in the evening light.
The picture shows a wild stallion rolling in the dirt and lying straight on his back.
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