Germany – our last stop on the European tour

After leaving Romania, we crossed Hungary with two overnight stays. The first night we spent in an overpriced hippie camp. Here we showed up just as a well-known festival was taking place. The camp did not appeal to us. After Hungary, we drove through Slovakia and the Czech Republic directly to Germany. In the Ore Mountains we stayed at a forest campground. This was beautifully laid out and offered many adventures, especially for children. The fact that we brought the long-awaited rain doesn’t need to be mentioned, does it? The operators offered us to stay for free if it would continue to rain with our presence. Understandably, we declined! Our friends near Laucha (not far from Leipzig) were waiting for us.

Horsti, the horses and a perfect world

We met Mark and Kirsten on Christmas Eve 2018 around the campfire at Camp Kwando, Namibia. The evening was marked by deep conversations and great sympathy. In 2020 we met again. In 2022 we wanted to travel together through Namibia and Botswana. Unfortunately, this did not work out and so it was clear to us that we would visit them at home. The convinced vegetarians (or maybe even vegans?) got a small bull as a wedding present in 2019.

Horsti was not slaughtered, of course, but lovingly adopted into the family. He has his own enclosure with a container converted into a stable and shares the huge pasture with the horses. Meanwhile Horsti is an ox and a giant caliber. Where he steps, no grass grows anymore. Fortunately Horsti does not know this and is a friendly giant. With the two of them, their dog, a cat, Horsti and four horses we spent wonderful days. We will see each other again, no question!

E-bike tours in Dresden

We visited our friends Anke and Jens in Dresden afterwards. They organized two e-bikes for us and then we were off: in addition to very fun and great days and evenings with outstanding hospitality, we spent several hours a day on the bikes in Saxon Switzerland on the road and were impressed and positively surprised. An e-bike expands the radius immensely.

Where slopes normally steal a lot of «grains» from you, you can now ride up much easier with the support of the motor. From gentle support to the maximum, where you only have to pedal lightly, everything is possible. A really convincing invention, these e-bikes! For us, Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany – if not THE most beautiful city. The mix of culture, aesthetics and very high recreational value is unsurpassed. We enjoyed the time with Jens and Anke very much and were glad that the meeting worked out.

After the trip is before the trip

From Dresden, we left Germany and drove back to Switzerland, where Guido photographed a wedding and we prepared for our return to Africa. Time flew by and before we knew it, we were on the Qatar Airways Dreamliner and on approach to Windhoek, where our donkey was located. Find out what we will experience in the next six months in Africa in the next episodes. Cheers!

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