African Penguins at Betty’s Bay

From Hermanus there are two possible routes back to Cape Town. On the one hand you can take the N2 and continue to follow the Garden Route. Alternatively, you can choose a small coastal road. This leads you from Fisherhaven, Kleinmond and Betty’s Bay, along the coast to Gordon’s Bay before Somerset West. The drive along this coastal road is not much more time-consuming than the comparatively less attractive drive along the N2, despite its twists and turns and the invitation to stop frequently for a photo stop. 

African Penguins

The cuteness factor of these little guys is admittedly very high. In Betty’s Bay, you can park right next to a colony and then use smaller paths along the shore to stay among them. They are not very shy, waddle around your feet and are totally cute. 

Reduce your heart rate

The coastal road invites you to cruise. Drive it relaxed and enjoy the partly breathtaking view. As already mentioned, this road and its surroundings regularly invite you to stop at one of the countless parking bays, get out and linger in the moment.  As we drove the road over Betty’s Bay, the day held rain and haze in store for us. In addition to the third full rainbow in a very short time, we experienced some interesting atmospheres.

Relaxing at Hardy and Steffi’s

Our way led us via Somerset West back to Stellenbosch. When we left the coast finally this time, it was clear to us that we wanted to chill out a bit more. The campsite of the Orange-Ville Guesthouse just offers itself. The campsite of Hardy and Steffi is clean, they offer a very good internet connection and the ablutions are simple but good. We felt comfortable here and therefore it was clear to us that we would like to visit them again. One WhatsApp later it was obvious that we would be on our way and still relax before we tackle the last bigger stage of South Africa in 2022.

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