The adventure begins

The blood pressure rises

The preparation of the Land Cruiser was on schedule. Guido spent a few more days with a friend and her daughter in Swakopmund. From there, he headed to Windhoek on Nov. 4th to spend the last night before Sonja’s arrival near the airport. Both were ready for the starting adventure. The adventure could start soon. During the trip, Sonja called him. Completely irritated, he stopped and answered the phone: Sonja informed him that Air Namibia intends not to carry her. There was no document proving that Sonja would be in the country for a maximum of three months.

We need a solution

Regardless of whether this is legal or not: Sonja did not have these documents because all vouchers from Botswana were in the folder that Guido had already taken with him. There were no arguments on his flight, although the outbound flight took place almost two weeks earlier than Sonja’s, resulting in a total travel time of exactly seven months.

The saving idea was that Guido had to look for the mail confirming the booking of the EcoTraining course. He saved this page by screenshot and sent it to Sonja by whatsapp. The photo of the confirmation of the course was finally ok. Sonja could check in and Air Namibia was so nice to carry her with her neatly purchased ticket.

If it is legally ok to question transport with a time span of almost 6.5 months between outbound and return flight, we cannot (yet) judge. What do people do who travel with their car stationed in Africa for a year and do not book accommodation? The issue remains open, and we are curious to see how it turns out.

All’s well that ends well!

The entire process cost money and nerves, drove the blood pressure to gigantic heights and caused gray hair. Her ticket was bought regularly (at Condor) and we do not consider it a pittance, if a check in is finally possible.

The annoyance evaporated and was displaced by the anticipation! Air Namibia landed 30 minutes early and since it was the only flight that morning, everything went quickly and Sonja entered the arrival’s hall around 07:00 a.m.

Our adventure begins ­čÖé

Our first stop took us almost 570 km south to Keetmanshoop.
We decided to spend the night at the Quivertree Forest Rest Camp. We really wanted to experience the Quivertree Forest at sunset and this campsite was perfect for that.

Furthermore, we reached the camp at 2:00 p.m., set camp and slowly arrived. The campsite is certainly not a beauty and does not invite staying there several nights – but for our purposes it was perfect! We finally fell into bed around 8:00 pm, tired and happy, and enjoyed our rooftop tent.

The picture shows a quivertree
The picture shows the Quivertree forest in the backlight
The picture shows the Quivertree Forest near Keetmanshoop in beautiful evening light
The picture shows the silhouette of a Quivertree at sunset
The picture shows the silhouette of a man standing in the Quivertree Forest during sunset
The picture shows the Quivertree Forest during sunset
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