... turned her life as a bank employee upside down in 2006 and went back to school. After a training period of about 5 years, she became a therapist for TCM and treats people since the end of 2010, health insurance recognized. Her main focus is acupuncture treatment.

...loves to travel. Originally more focused on Asia, Central and South America, the love for Africa arose at second sight. Botswana lit the fire in 2013 and the flame has been blazing ever since.



... discovered photography for himself in 2007. After an intensive self-taught learning period he was fascinated of portraiing people showing their true face behind the mask. In addition, there is the love of telling stories in pictures. In 2011 Guido turned his life upside down, made his passion his profession and since then has been photographing weddings mostly full-time.

...loves to travel. After Central and South America, the Africa virus took possession in 2007 and never let him go. Botswana and Tanzania are among his favorite destinations.



... is a Toyota Land Cruiser of the J7 series (HZJ 76). It is a station wagon, has 4 doors and needs diesel.

Its 131 hp engine is legendary. It is often called a "shifting dune" because of its inertia, but with good care it is indestructible and rewards driver and passenger with extremely high reliability. In Africa, they call the J7 models "The Beast."

Bilbo took us through southern Africa from October 2018 to May 2019 with absolute reliability and safety. It is a perfect travel car for us with one small flaw: it offers no protected retreat inside.

After our trip, we very quickly found an extremely sympathetic German couple who took over Bilbo and are experiencing new adventures in Africa with him.

All the best to you three :-)



... is also a Land Cruiser of the J7 series (GRJ 78). Manni is a "Troopie", i.e. it is longer than Bilbo, but has only 2 doors and is about 10 cm higher inside. This variant can be extended very well to a touring car with lounge inside. Manni has an elevating roof and is designed to be completely self-sufficient. In contrast to Bilbo, Manni prefers petrol and has 272 HP at his disposal. This does not change anything in terms of reliability.

Manni belongs to a type of vehicle that is dying out in Europe, which was one reason for the name (do you know "Ice Age"?). Unless an accident separates us, Manny will remain a family member until death do us part. We especially love elephants and well, mammoths are very similar ;-)